Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Create a soccer experience for a new era by uniting our diverse region, connecting fans from all cultures through the beautiful game and serving our communities for decades to come by breaking down barriers in a way that only sports can transcend.

Legacy. Vibrancy. Diversity. This is modern-day Dallas, an international city with a sophisticated reputation centered around explosive economic growth, a welcoming hospitality, and a unique multi-cultural vibe. Dallas has developed into one of the world’s great cities, while still maintaining its trademark down-home feel.


As you peel away the layers, you discover the heart of a vast, dynamic Metroplex of nearly 10,000 square miles. That’s bigger than the states of Rhode Island and Connecticut combined! While in Dallas, you’ll find that we’re just a little more than any other major American city, ranging from the chic to the classical, from the extravagant to the quaint, and from the opulent to the affordable. No matter your preference nor your palette, and no matter your budget nor your background, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Dallas.


Dallas’ sporting legacy is unmatched in North America. Dallas is the heartbeat of American sports — home to the biggest sporting events, and even greater memories. Dallas is home to America’s best collection of sports facilities and the most impressive resume of hosting premier sporting events than any other city in America. Dallas’ diversity, coupled with our Texas hospitality and our unmatched infrastructure, allows us to host world-class sporting events and serve as a leading sports tourism destination.


But it’s not just the NFL Super Bowls, Major League Baseball World Series, NCAA Final Fours, and NFL and NHL Drafts that demonstrate our legacy for hosting top-flight events. As you may have heard, we just do sports bigger and better in Big D. Simply put, when America prepares to celebrate its most cherished sports championship events, Dallas is the desired destination.


Now, the world is watching. The biggest sporting event on the globe is coming to North America, focusing the world’s attention on the beautiful game, and Dallas is prepared to once again establish itself as an incredible showcase and base of operations for the 2026 FIFA World Cup in a way no other North American destination can.


Dallas has earned the reputation as America’s premier sports destination, and as a Host City for the 2026 FIFA World Cup, that standard of excellence will be on full display. But it’s much more than just sports that has allowed Dallas to earn that moniker. Dallas has built its reputation on a strategy that aligns with FIFA’s sustainability vision, attaching legacy community initiatives alongside major events that come to our region to spur infrastructure growth, positive economic impact for impoverished areas, increased access for low-income communities, enhanced employment opportunities, and improved quality of life for our residents, all focused on building legacy of sustainability for our region that exceeds our incredible sporting legacy.


There’s no denying that the game of futbol, or soccer as we call it, occupies a significant portion of our sports landscape. Dallas will welcome the world with open arms, and visitors will have access to a diverse range of accommodations, alongside our unique Cowboy culture and ‘Texas-sized’ entertainment and activities that make Dallas uniquely situated to be a Big Win for FIFA and its stakeholders.


From the very highest level of international soccer to the early connections with the game through youth soccer leagues, the game of soccer at all levels resonates with so many of those in the Dallas region, so much so that it’s clear that the world’s game is also, indeed, our game as well. Dallas’ rich history of soccer might surprise you, as might its place within both the American and international soccer landscape. Dallas is home to the father of American professional soccer, Lamar Hunt, and is home to the second largest youth soccer community in the United States. Further, U.S. Youth Soccer, the largest youth sports organization in the country, calls the Dallas region home, and we are proud to host the annual Dallas Cup – one of the world’s premier youth soccer tournaments that continues to produce an impressive list of former, current, and future FIFA World Cup stars.


From young to old, from historical to modern day, Dallas is and has been an integral haven of soccer in the United States, with connections to the game that most American communities cannot match.


And, oh by the way, Dallas has been a successful World Cup host before, and we are prepared to take our hosting duties to an even higher level in 2026. Dallas is a long-time friend of the FIFA World Cup, and our legacy as a great host of the 1994 World Cup USA has helped to spawn the game soccer as we call it, into one of the most beloved sports in our region. We proudly support FC Dallas, one of founding teams of Major League Soccer, and we continue to be a sought-after host of top-level professional and international competition like CONCACAF Gold Cup and International Champions Cup. Dallas has forged a landmark partnership with the Mexican National Team and typically plays a key role in any major multi-city American soccer event.


Soccer has become part of our sporting heritage in Dallas and the surrounding region. Our World Cup legacy has delivered huge benefits to the local community in the North Texas area and has allowed us to continue to grow the game at the highest levels. We believe that continuing our World Cup legacy as a Host City for the 2026 FIFA World Cup will allow Dallas to continue to stand out as an essential soccer hub within North America.


Dallas can deliver an incredible World Cup experience on many levels, starting with the iconic AT&T Stadium — a crown jewel among the world’s sporting venues. The state-of-the-art facility is home to the NFL’s world-renowned Dallas Cowboys. The innovative facility will offer a truly magical once-in-a lifetime experience for all teams, guests, and spectators. The stadium is a regular host of elite soccer competitions, along with other major events such as the NFL Super Bowl and NCAA College Championship Bowl Games. iconic AT&T Stadium is committed to adapting itself and its playing conditions to become a preeminent FIFA World Cup match venue. In addition to iconic AT&T Stadium, Dallas also offers numerous high-end training site venues and Team Base Camp opportunities to ensure an exceptional experience for participating teams.


But it’s not just about AT&T Stadium and its ability to host the 2026 World Cup championship matches. Perfectly situated in the geographical center of North America, and with two major international airports, Dallas is extremely accessible and would make an ideal hub city for FIFA and the 2026 World Cup. We are prepared to host matches at the highest level if called upon, and we are also primed to execute our detailed plans to build out and run a modern and innovative International Broadcast Centre (IBC)  — just as we did in 1994. Dallas is ready to host the official Referee Headquarters as we have done at previous major soccer competitions, and, in fact, ready meet any further needs that FIFA may have.


Legacy. Vibrancy. Diversity. Those are the attributes of modern-day Dallas. A sporting legacy like no other. A vibrant outlook that attracts the world’s leading corporations and meshes international growth with a vibrant urban experience that allows the region to maintain its unique heritage, culinary culture, and Texas hospitality. And a diversity of sustainable thought and culture that makes Dallas a true melting pot and a hub of international commerce and tourism.


We set the standards, and we strive to live by those commitments. The welcoming, inclusive, and friendly spirit of Dallas is part of our well-known hospitality and is why Dallas is committed to advancing equality and inclusiveness. The region thrives on a wide range of cultures, religions, and lifestyles. Dallas consistently ranks as one of the top cities for African-Americans, and the metro area includes the ninth-largest Latino population in the country. More than 300,000 Asians call North Texas home, and the LGBT community is also among the nation’s largest and is the biggest in Texas.


As we say in Dallas, Big things Happen Here. And on the world stage, Dallas will be a Big Win for FIFA and its stakeholders. It’s true that Dallas is able to offer something for every type of visitor, and the World Cup will let visitors experience our famous welcoming nature and Texas-style hospitality. We are excited to welcome the world to Dallas and will roll out the red carpet for all World Cup teams, fans, staff, and visitors. The 2026 FIFA World Cup will create lasting memories, Big memories that will be cherished for a lifetime!

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