Our Soccer DNA

Our Soccer DNA

Did you realize that Dallas was home to the father of American professional soccer, Lamar Hunt? Or that Dallas is home to the second largest youth soccer community in the United States and that U.S. Youth Soccer, the largest youth sports organization in the country, calls the Dallas region home?

From Lamar Hunt to the World Cup to the very beginning of the MLS, Dallas has a rich history of supporting and building soccer in the United States. There aren’t many regions throughout the country that lay claim to the depth and breadth of soccer as can Dallas. With more than 200,000 youth soccer athletes playing from age 5 all the way through high school, coupled with Dallas’ successful track record for hosting the largest amateur soccer tournament in the U.S., as well as professional soccer matches, international soccer tournament matches, and international friendlies, it’s clear to see that the Dallas region is a soccer hotbed like very few others in North America.

From young to old, from historical to modern day, Dallas is and has been an integral haven of soccer in the United States, with connections to the game that most American communities cannot match.

Did You Know?

The Father of Dallas Soccer

Lamar Hunt’s importance to professional soccer in the United States and in Dallas cannot be overstated. Mr. Hunt was instrumental in the formation and advancement of the North American Soccer League, which included the Dallas Tornado. After helping the United States and Dallas land the 1994 World Cup for the first time, he was also instrumental in the launch and ultimate success of Major League Soccer and the Dallas Burn/FC Dallas.